How reflective Inserts an help


Up to 80% of the suns solar energy passes directly through a standard polycarbonate conservatory roof, creating a "greenhouse effect". Reflective inserts, when inserted into the cavities of poly carbonate rejects up to 85% of the solar energy, 99% of the ultra violet rays, reduces glare by up to 80% and reflects generated heat that would normally be lost during winter months.

Solar Inserts for polycarbonate roof systems


The perfect addition to your home


A conservatory can be the perfect addition to your home providing extra room for much of the year allowing you to get closer to your garden in winter and a room to relax in on the balmy summer evenings.


How ever, sometimes you're beautiful outside room becomes uncomfortably cold, whilst in the summer temperatures soar, turning your extra room into a sweltering heat box that's effectively uninhabitable during the day.


The sun's effect


Traditional blinds for doors and windows and windows can be attractive and functional, but prove to be ineffective against the rages of the sun's energy. In many cases making the situation worse by trapping a layer of hot air between the fabric and the roof like an overhead radiator!

Operating cords become stiff whilst material can fold and sag, collecting dust and insects. The glare from the sun and its ultra violet rays can also accelerate the fading of your furnishings, particularly in white PVC'u conservatories.